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Book Lovers Needed!

You Might Remember

In November of 2021, Broken Vessels was released into the world. On one hand it feels like yesterday, and on the other hand it feels like a lifetime ago. Since I had written the study in 2016, a lot of time did pass between the writing and the launching of the published work. It was exciting to hold a finished work and nauseating all at once. There is a strange vulnerability in putting your words out for others to encounter. It is like presenting your baby to the world and hoping they see the same beauty you do.

Over the past year, I have been invited to share space with groups who have worked through the content. What a privilege to be invited into such sacred spaces, to hear people tell the truth and be changed by the Word, and to encourage others to tell their stories. There is something so humbling about seeing the evidence of lives being touched and transformed by the TRUTH found in the pages of Broken Vessels.

By the way–>If you have read Broken Vessels, don’t forget to leave a review here.

My New Book–Wisdom in the Weeds

While the work of Broken Vessels continues, I am excited to announce that my next book, Wisdom in the Weeds, will be released this summer! Wisdom in the Weeds is a collection of essays revealing lessons excavated from ordinary and painful moments in life. We would probably all agree that life is plain hard. If you have lived for any amount of time, you know this. You have experienced this. We can focus on the losses, or we can search for the lesson and extract the wisdom to guide us in the next chapter. Doing this is what sustained me and continues to sustain me in the mundane, the joys, and the uphill climbs of life.

I am, however, caught between the tension of nervousness and excitement about releasing this book into the world. I vacillate between thinking the writing is good and wondering what in the world I was even thinking. Why would anyone want to read this? is the monster that creeps into quite crevices of the mind of a creative! But when I silence the fear, I know that others can benefit from the wisdom of a fresh perspective. It is why we call someone when we are struggling to make a decision or read a situation. We instinctively know that other people see things from a different angle, and that is often exactly what we need.

Join my Launch Team!

Here’s a fun opportunity for you. We will assemble a small Wisdom in the Weeds launch team, so if you love helping writers get their work in front of others, if you are willing to post on your social media channels, and if you love to read, you should apply to be on the team!

Launch team members will receive an advanced pdf copy of the book to read before the official launch date. Members of the launch team are essentially THE cheerleaders for the book. They promote, review, post, and hype the book on social media channels and in their circle of influence. Those selected will be invited to join a private Facebook group where we will share and celebrate together!

Launch team applications opened in February for my email subscribers, so if you are not on that list, you can sign up here. Applications take less than five minutes to complete. No DNA, no interviews, no awkward moments…just an honor system that helps get the word out about Wisdom in the Weeds.

Applications will be accepted until April 2nd at 11:59pm. You can start your application here. Let’s go, team!!

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Wisdom in the Weeds

Thank you for being with me on this journey. Your presence, purchases, book reviews, tags on social media, and invitations to speak have meant so much to me.

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