Worth Your Time

I have gone solo in this new project. Several people have encouraged me over the years to create a solo podcast, and the “baby” birth order always rose up in me to reach the assessment that it would be too hard. That mindset has caused me to shrink back and false start so many times. For that reason, I am soft launching this podcast. It is only available here for now. I still have work to do, and I am graciously giving myself some time to get some reps in before launching it on a larger scale.

Thanks for your feedback about this new project. I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement. I may need a little help with the title, so be on call for your thoughts and suggestions!

Worth Your Time is a brief conversation on topics worth considering. The current episode is available here, and you can find previous episodes in posts with Worth Your Time in the title.

Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide, and Go

A new year, especially one that followed 2020, called for new perspective, renewed purpose, and audacious goals. Actually, I am not typically one for making resolutions, and I often resist sharing my goals out of a fear of failure. However, in 2020, I opened my mouth and shared a nudging with a small group of fellow creatives, but the story started a few years before.

While in another city on a speaking assignment, I sat across the table from a friend/mentor and took in the words she was led to share with me. She told me that while my written word was strong, there was something about my speaking that was different. She stepped out on a limb and encouraged me to consider starting a podcast.

Because I am polite, I listened with a sense of possibility, but even as the words escaped her mouth, I had already garnered a list of one million reasons I could not start a podcast.

As it turns out, I drank in her encouragement, but I did not pick it up from there. Sometimes we have to do that. We let ideas ruminate until they are ready to take flight. She planted a seed that needed time to sleep in the soil of possibility.

While I was never sure how it would happen, I felt a sense of knowing that it would happen. If I have been sure of one thing in my life, it is this. I was made to teach and speak. It is the lane where I feel most at home.

So a friend I met in a creative circle [online] and I started talking and dreaming about what it might look like to start a video podcast. If 2020 taught me anything, it taught me how to be comfortable making videos. In the space of dreaming and praying, Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide, and Go was born!

On Table Talk: A Video Podcast, Jill Dobrowansky and I discuss scripture, life experiences, and everything in between. At our table, we provide a seat for those who have been told there is no room at the table. New episodes release once a month.

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