Meet Alyssa

Alyssa is: a Jesus lover, hope hunter, and storyteller.

She loves her husband, her three children, her dog, and her friends {in that order}.

Books, old windows, clean floors, intentional conversations, and metaphors are on her list, but she prefers not to say where.

She holds the award of best driver in town, as issued by her husband who happens to also think she should open her own driving school!

When she’s not juggling laundry, acting as the family cruise director, or discovering the best gluten free cookie recipe, you can often find her sitting in her cul-de-sac enjoying community with her neighbors-turned-friends.

She is a classroom teacher by training, but spends most of her time outside the classroom meeting friends at quaint coffee shops, talking nonstop about the #sowkind movement, teaching at conferences and retreats, drafting blog posts that sometimes get published, and watching way too many Dateline reruns.

She is a contributing author for A Moment to Breathe: 365 Devotions That Meet You in Your Everyday Mess.

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This blog exists to elevate truth, excavate hope, and encourage readers.

Thank you for stopping by, browsing around, and engaging in this space.

15 thoughts on “Meet Alyssa

  1. I think I took that picture 🙂 What a cute little sis, with whom I have always shared life…from bunkbeds to bruises to beautiful boys (& Madelyn), Love you, Lys!

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  2. I thank God for Alyssa! She is an amazing mentor. Always loving, laughing and holding me accountable for my circumstance. She helped me press in to God, knowing that she has walked in my shoes and not judging, but giving hope and sharing His love, grace and mercy. Thank you Prophet of Joy! Blessings!

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  3. Hi, Alyssa. It’s Remay. You are an amazingly refreshing blessing to have and to everyone in your presence. Praise and Glory to God for who you are.
    Love you,
    Dani and Remay

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  4. Alyssa,
    I heard you speak for the first time this weekend at the BE gathering. You have a true gift. Thank you for inspiring change and helping us see and hear the Lord’s message.



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