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Wisdom in the Weeds eBook

You might be thinking why an eBook? Why now? Well, those are both fair questions. Here is the deal; the most common thing people tell me when I finish speaking at an event is that I put words to how they felt but did not know how to articulate. I have ruminated on that feedback for five years, and it wasn’t until we were first ordered to quarantine, that I realized what I was supposed to do with that feedback.

Although I think of myself more as a teacher than a writer, one really is rooted in the other. I spent one year writing Moment of Truth Monday posts in this space, and many of you shared that journey with me. Even as I was writing each post, I knew I had to put them together in book form. They were every bit a part of my soul, and they revealed that authentically baring my soul invited others in to community and meaningful conversations.

During the time I was writing the Moment of Truth Monday series, I was walking through a season of significant dismantling, and my way through the dark was to write.

I committed to putting several previous Moment of Truth Monday posts together to create chapters. Much of what I had written had a shared theme, so I printed off oodles of posts and began piecing chapters together.

That is how this happened. It was born in the middle of life unfolding in the strangest of seasons.

In recent years, I learned to face the reality of the weight of trauma I carried for too many years. Trauma is a funny thing. You know it is there, but until you are strong enough to unpack the contents of the baggage, you just carry it around. It is an inarticulate obstacle. Being invisible only serves to put off the work required to heal.

Writing my way through the personal, relational, and church trauma, I began peeling back the layers to reveal what was really causing my soul infection. Yet, even in the most trying of seasons, I found nuggets of wisdom among the rubble.

That is the gift of doing the hard work. Although it feels like it might take you out, there is enough grace to point you in the direction of healing and hope.

Speaking of hope, that is my desire for the words poured out in Wisdom in the Weeds. Hope is the anchor of the soul. It kept me upright when the waves of life were crashing all around, and it continues to keep me standing firm as scary moments of life unfold.

If you are feeling hopeless, I trust you will hold on to the wisdom of the life lessons revealed within the pages of the eBook.

Borrowed hope is still hope. Do not be afraid to lean on someone else’s hope until you have the strength to cultivate your own.

Alyssa DeLosSantos Speaker and Writer

If you are an avid reader or writer, I hope you find a line of craft that tickles your ear and stirs your own creative genius. If you are confused or discouraged, I hope you find a place to rest and belong within the lines on each page.

**Access to the ebook has been suspended because I am working on adding content and making it available in PRINT!

Alyssa DeLosSantos Speaker and Writer

Thank you for sharing in the joy of this project! You are my people, and I am eternally grateful for you.

Alyssa ❤

PS-In case you missed it, I also launched a new video podcast. Check it out here.

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