Broken Vessels: Reframing Brokenness to Advance the Gospel

Broken Vessels is a six week study reminding us that chasing idols always leads to brokenness, and our lives were meant to tell the story of the hope God offers His children when they turn toward him to meet every need and deep longing. Instead of covering up the hard chapters of our lives, we can share the hope we found in the dark by reframing the way we view brokenness born in self-sufficiency. By allowing God to adjust the way we look at past losses and challenges, we can start living a better story today. Readers will have a clearer understanding of how they can let the cracks in their vessels tell the whole story of losses that were healed by the Living Water.

Wisdom in the Weeds eBook

Alyssa DeLosSantos Speaker and Writer
Wisdom in the Weeds is a collection of life lessons excavated along the journey through a season of fear. It is an honest reflection of the motivations of the heart.

A Moment to Breathe Devotional

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Easter Devotional by Alyssa DeLosSantos