Broken Vessels

Broken Vessels: Reframing Brokenness to Advance the Gospel is a six week study reminding us that chasing idols always leads to brokenness, and our lives were meant to tell the story of the hope God offers His children when they turn toward him to meet every need and deep longing.

Instead of covering up the hard chapters of our lives, we can share the hope we found in the dark by reframing the way we view brokenness born in self-sufficiency. By allowing God to adjust the way we look at past losses and challenges, we can start living a better story today. Readers will have a clearer understanding of how they can let the cracks in their vessels tell the whole story of losses that were healed by the Living Water.

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Broken Vessels Podcast Interview

I sat down with my friend, fellow author, and co-host of Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide & Go, Jill Dobrowansky, to talk about Broken Vessels: Reframing Brokenness to Advance the Gospel. If you want to hear a bit about the content of the book, this is a great place to start [click on the image to listen].

Broken Vessels Endorsements

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Broken Vessels Leader Guide

The Broken Vessels Leader Guide offers simple suggestions for helping your small group start a conversation and continue the discussion after each week of study. If you are studying outside a small group setting, no worries. The guide can be used for personal reflection.

The homework is highly reflective, so there are not right answers to discuss, but the study was designed to share insights and breakthroughs. Some people will not be comfortable sharing personal details, but they will benefit from the discussion. Don’t forget the value of listening.

There is a song recommendation at the end of each week. Listening to the song provides your small group a time of quiet reflection. 

My sincere hope is that your time studying Broken Vessels is filled with opportunities to reframe the way you view brokenness, to experience breakthroughs, and to advance the gospel.

Broken Vessels Playlist

Enjoy this playlist created specifically to accompany your journey through the pages of Broken Vessels. Let the lyrics of each song encourage your soul as you study.

Broken Vessels Book Reviews

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Broken Vessels Hashtag

Share your thoughts, quotes, and pictures using #brokenvesselsbook, so we can share the experience with each other. I am [personally] excited to see what resonates with you in the study.

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