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Broken Vessels Book Launch

It’s almost time!

Eleven days. Eleven days. ELEVEN DAYS. Do you love a good old-fashioned countdown? I vacillate between loving it and feeling like the days are dragging on. In the case of releasing Broken Vessels into the world, it feels like the days are flying by, and I am not entirely sure I am ready. No, scratch that. I am 100% ready!

It takes a village!

I remember seeing my firstborn son for the first time after a difficult labor experience. Never in my life had I seen anyone more adorable. It wrecked me to see his tiny fingers, sweet little nose, and perfect lips.

After I brought him home, I remember laying in bed, looking at him, and crying. He was mine. It had all been worth it. The sickness, sleepless nights, and strain on my body.

I feel the same way when I look at Broken Vessels. It has been a long labor of love, but it has been worth it. When I look at the cover, the inside matter, and the promotional swag, I can’t help but cry.

As you may well know, this would not have happened without many smart people saying yes to using their gifts to create something so beautiful.

Shout out to my friend and amazing graphic artist, Riki Yarbrough, who listened to my vision for the cover and created something so lovely. She also made the images for the ridiculously cute stickers that some of you will receive. I am obsessed with her work. She probably doesn’t want the attention, but you should know she is using her gifts for the good of others.

My book designer, editor, and friend, Renee, has been an incredible gift in this process. She has asked questions that have pushed me to be a better writer, and she has been gentle and kind along the way. She has invested countless hours making revisions that I make at the final hour and never complaining. She has cheered louder than anyone I know. She has believed when I couldn’t, and she routinely encourages me to dig deep and keep going. What a gift.

We are better together. We have the ability to spur one another on to do greater things than we can sometimes even imagine.

I am humbled and grateful to share this book baby with you on November 5th. You might want to read it in the privacy of your own home, or you might want to grab a group of friends to study together. It was written to work either way.

Do you attend or lead a small group?

If you attend or lead a small group, we have a Leader Pack Promo for you! For single orders of 8 or more books, you will receive one free book and a leader guide insert. Books are $15 [shipping is included]. If you are looking for a study to start in the new year or right now, consider Broken Vessels. You can request a sample here.

If your small group takes and posts a picture with your copy of Broken Vessels using the hashtag #brokenvesselsbook, you will be entered to win a live call with me during your study. Be sure to use the hashtag and tag me to be entered to win!

This Leader Pack Promo is only valid on purchases made directly through my website [order form below]. Orders placed through Amazon do not qualify for the free book and live call.

Let me see you smile!

Would you celebrate with me by taking a picture with your book when it arrives–or sharing your favorite quote from the book–and uploading it to social media? Since we can’t all be together to celebrate, this provides one way to connect through a book! Be sure to use the hashtag #brokenvesselsbook when you post; that will allow us to see all your posts in one place. Be sure to check out the other posts and give one a like!

Local friends–on Monday, November 8th you’re invited for a Sowkind Pop Up focused on the gift of community, connection. and healing and the release of Broken Vessels. It will be an evening of celebrating, and I would love for you to join us. It will be a marriage of two things I really love–Sowkind and Broken Vessels. Watch our social media channels for more details.

Thank you, friends! I am encouraged by your presence and encouragement.

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