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Lint Screen Lesson and Choosing Healing

I reached in attempting to remove the bundle of lint gathered in the tight crevice below the lint screen holder. Although this wasn’t on my agenda, I just couldn’t turn a blind eye and walk away.

The dryer’s lint screen was designed to be cleaned between loads of laundry, but even if you follow that recommendation, it doesn’t prevent rouge lint from being deposited in hard to reach spaces.

The space for the lint screen is a tight opening, and even for my small hands, there was little room to maneuver. Tight spaces are no match for determination though. I went in, grabbed a pinch of lint, and repeated the process. Since I hardly made a dent in removing the lint that gathered, I decided to put the job on hold and return to my original agenda for the day.

A few hours later, I noticed two matching red lines on both my hands. As I tried to imagine what I had done to gain the battle scars, I remembered the tight spaces and mound of lint that taunted me.

Reaching in tight spaces to clean out that which doesn’t belong is not without risk. Cleaning out junk that has built up over time takes persistence and special attention. It is not easy, but the function of the dryer is better once the potential fire hazard is removed.

The marks on my hands remind me that healing is similar. We can stuff and hide all the broken pieces, but that doesn’t remove the build up of pain. We have to be intentional about cleaning out our own wounds and removing the hazards that unresolved pain causes in our lives and the lives of others.

We can choose healing.

We avoid healing in the secret places because it hurts to dig in the tight spaces of the heart and soul. But it is worth it. We may suffer for a little bit, but it is producing something far better in and through us if we will stick with it.

We can choose healing.

Broken Vessels was born from a season of layered loss in my life. I found myself face down on my bedroom floor not knowing if I could take another breath on my own. I was faced with a choice; I could stuff the pain and pretend it didn’t exist, or I could dig in and clean out the wound. The choice to confront the depth of my pain was not easy, but it was worth the temporary discomfort.

I am still a work in progress.

I am still inclined to stuff things below the surface.

I am still learning how to be resilient.

If you are wondering if past hurts will hunt you down, the answer is yes. If you have stuffed anything in the tight spaces of your heart, consider what could happen if you opted to surrender the hurt and choose healing.

It won’t be easy–and the journey may leave a mark–but it is worth it. You are worth it.

PS-Broken Vessels releases in FOUR DAYS!! I am so excited to share this field guide to surrendering our broken pieces and remembering the true source and supplier of all our needs.

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