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World Kindness Day: An Interview with Beth Walker

Today is World Kindness Day–a global awareness day celebrating compassion and kindness. Kindness is not just a trend; it is a way of life. For believers, it is also a fruit of the spirit. In a world of so much pain and loneliness, why wouldn’t we choose kindness?

From a sincere belief that when we are intentional with kindness, the needs of others are met, hearts are healed, and dignity is restored, Sowkind was born. Kindness is a discipline that must be exercised in order to become an instinctive response. We must pause and pay attention to those around us.

In this interview with Beth Walker, we talk about where my passion for kindness began, how kindness interrupts cycles of pain and loneliness, and how that relates to healing. We dig deep in a few concepts from Broken Vessels and discuss a few ideas about how to exercise kindness in your circle.

Kindness is within reach.

Start small.

Start somewhere.

Here are a few ideas about how you might get involved starting now.

Show up.

See others.

Cultivate Connection.

Be intentional.

PS-If you haven’t ordered your copy of Broken Vessels, you can do that here! Also, check out more of Beth Walker’s work and her books here.

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