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Better Things Ahead: Quote, Graphic, and Reflection

While I do not know exactly where my fear was born, discovering it, acknowledging it, and stepping through it was necessary to extinguish it.

Fear can stymie faith and fan doubt into flame.

No matter how you frame the experiences of life, it is important to assess your fears. Measure the validity of the fear, find a trusted friend who will hold space for you as you work through the fear, and sit in the tension of it all.

When we defer to stuffing our fears, they begin to shape us in ways that no longer feel authentic to who we were created to be. 

Untempered fear bullies us into silence and cuts us off from pursuing anything that would illuminate the powerlessness of what is causing our fear.

Hundreds of times throughout scripture we read the encouragement to be unafraid. Feeling afraid is a response to a situation. Being afraid is the decision to act from a place of fear. God comes into the times I am feeling afraid and comforts me.

That is what love does.

Love steps into scary situations.

Love comforts when fear threatens.

Love stays the course.

Love makes room.


I am turning away from fear as I walk into a new season. There really are better things ahead, and I can’t wait to experience them.

Does fear creep in through the door of doubt? YES.
Is it invited to remain? NO.

Here’s to the adventure that awaits. 💛

If you struggle with fear on any level, you are not alone. Read more about moving through fear in Wisdom in the Weeds [my eBook].

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