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Hope Unfolding

Sometimes what looks like a mess is the unfolding of a gift of hope.

The image I captured this morning at the kitchen table might appear like a pile that needs to be organized to the person outside of my story.

What you don’t know is that all of the books surrounding me have changed my life. One points me to hope, one reminds me of provision, and one shifts my perspective, but all are rooted in the gospel. 

As we wrapped up our final week of the Sowkind Broken Vessels study, a friend offered me her copy of a book I gave away last week. Giving away my copy was the easiest and most difficult decision I made that particular day. 

I was in a messy place in my soul. The book was my comfort, yet I was prompted to give it away. I had no idea it would return to me, but the moment it was placed in my hands, I felt the full circle effect of hope.

Our messy seasons have the potential to be messages of hope if we will trust the process, let go of the need to control the story, and wait it out.

Sometimes the waiting will last longer than we would like. Sometimes the waiting is the point and dang it if the waiting isn’t grueling. Am I right?

To the person who is tired of waiting and feels like it will never get better–what looks like a mess now is the converging of unexpected gifts that will become a message of hope. Hold on. The story is emerging. The season will shift. Hope is within reach.

I am with you in the waiting and the hoping. Let’s get our hopes up together.

One more thing–speaking of getting our hopes up, don’t forget to register for our Sowkind Growth Workshop on “Choosing an Abundant and Hopeful Outlook.

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