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Sowkind Growth Workshop Registration

Sowkind Growth Workshops

The Sowkind Nonprofit [a passion of my heart] offers Growth Workshops as a way of acknowledging that kindness is both an internal and external expression. Growth Workshop participants are invited to turn kindness inward through reflection, evaluation, and healing as a means of extending kindness outwardly. Mindsets and faith are the bedrock of each workshop.

Who is invited?

Growth Workshops are open to anyone in the community who desires to walk in a new mindset and learn how to express kindness inwardly. The Sowkind Nonprofit desires to encourage touched lives to touch lives through expressions of kindness. We believe that kindness is internal, external, and eternal work, and we can learn to be intentional in our expression of each.

The workshop does cover mature content, so children are not the intended audience.

How do I register?

Simply scan the QR code or click the image to complete your registration. Registration is free, but we do ask participants to bring an item for our Community Partner. Your donation is your admittance to the workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you record these sessions for those not able to attend? No. We do not offer a live-stream or a recording of the sessions. This is largely due to our desire to preserve the intimacy in the room.
  2. I am not local, so do you offer workshops in other areas? We do not currently offer these outside of the South Texas area. However, we are open to invitations to offer the workshop in other areas. As a nonprofit, we do require travel expenses to be covered by host locations.
  3. Will you offer other Growth Workshops? Yes. We will continue to offer Growth Workshops quarterly.
  4. Can I invite others. Yes. You can invite your small group, circle of friends, book club, or neighbors. We do require everyone to fill out the registration form, and we do close the registration, so we encourage you to register early.

If you have questions, or if you would like to host a Growth Workshop, please feel free to email us at

Sowkind is a nonprofit that exists to cultivate community that restores hope, dignity, and meaning in the lives of others through intentional kindness. Our goal is to touch lives through lives that have been touched who in turn sow into the life of another.

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