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Kindness Guides and Good News


Do you remember learning what kindness looked like by observing someone?

Did you learn through experiencing the sacrifice of someone’s kindness?

Did you learn as a result of longing for kindness but not living it?

Who has been a kindness guide and instructor in your life?


√ Tell me about your learning experience. I would love to hear and share your story. Tag or share this with the person whose kindness impacted you. Thank them for being a kindness guide. 


Kindness begets kindness.
Scatter kindness.
Release the outcome.


Change the world one decision and word at a time. ♥


Good News! ⇒ The #sowkind movement has a new page on Instagram!! Click here to join the online community of Sowkind [ers]. It would be an honor to share this effort with all of you!




#sowkindmovement #sowkind

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