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Release the Outcome [#sowkind]

Outcome [noun]: something that follows as a result or consequence.

Anticipating an outcome is second nature for me. I invest more time than I care to admit considering all the things before moving forward.

When I am dependent on the outcome, I often forfeit the pursuit. I become paralyzed in my “need to know” state of mind and often fail to follow through.

There’s no profit in putting off that thing until I am SURE it will turn out well. If I wait to know before I #sowkind, I may never take the risk.

Outcome can’t be the driver of adventure. It has to be released to free up whatever my hands need to do to make a positive impact.

Is there someone you need to encourage? Are you afraid of how they might respond? Maybe you are leaning too heavily on outcome and need to shift your position.

Be a risk-taker today. Send the letter even though you aren’t sure the address is correct. Leave a note on the windshield of your neighbor. Call your mom. Deliver warm cookies to your child’s coach. Invite the new kid to lunch.

You don’t have to know the outcome, just give kindness away like it’s your JOB!

#NoRiskNoReward #TakeaRisk #FiveMinuteImpact #ReleasetheOutcome

3 thoughts on “Release the Outcome [#sowkind]

  1. I believe the expectation of what a kind word spoken and/or an act of kindness might bring can be the death of our own attitude of thankfulness. Thanks for another thought provoking post 😉

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