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The Value of Good Words

When someone has “gone off on you,” what is the residual effect?

Maybe you fight back with words, internalize the hurt and become depressed, or intentionally avoid future interactions with the perpetrator.

No matter how you respond, there is fallout that negatively impacts you.

Broken relationships and compromised trust are not high on my this is fun list. I’m guessing the same is true for you.

When we measure our words, we pause long enough to determine if what we are saying is true, helpful, and necessary.

There are many true things I muzzle because they aren’t necessary, or they don’t move a person or relationship forward.

Scripture speaks of the need to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Oh man, that’s hard–especially when hurt is raw and emotions are high.

Sometimes [for me] rage would prefer to have the last word. If we recognize the strength and power of our words, and we surrender to the process of using them for good, we will lead with compassion–even when we are hurt.

Even when we are angry.

Even when we are justified.

Even when

Unmeasured words leave trauma in their wake. They cripple the souls of others. You may know because you’ve been the recipient of unmeasured, unkind words. You may know because you’ve been the distributor of such. There is a residual effect on both sides of unmeasured words.

Words are a big deal. Our tongue can be a sword or a salve.

Choose well.

Be intentional.

PS-The #sowkind movement turns THREE in March. Would you like to join the movement by committing to one act of kindness sometime within the month of March? I will share a #sowkind bingo board on Monday, March 1st, and our goal is to have all the boxes filled before the end of the month. Here is what we have done to celebrate in the years past.

Listen to Nicole share her experience as a recipient of the #Sowkind Surprise in honor of the second year of sowing. What an awesome story!

One thought on “The Value of Good Words

  1. We measure some things VERY carefully in life:
    – our child’s development
    – our waistlines 😳
    – ingredients in baking

    Thanks Alyssa for reminding and admonishing us we must also ALWAYS measure our words!!

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