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Advent[ure] Awaits: Holiday Edition

If there is anything you should know about me, it is that I care deeply about showing up and seeing others. My story is full of times I felt unseen and unloved. With my dying breath, I hope to be encouraging those I love and those I have yet to know. 

The #SowkindMovement was born out of my own deep desire to know I mattered. It is an acknowledgement of the part we play and the impact we can have in the lives and stories of those around us. The idea is not about drawing attention to our own good deeds but inspiring others to consider pouring into perfect strangers and closest friends.

Choosing to scatter kindness is inviting dull areas of your life to be repurposed, so are you ready to amp up the adventure in your life? Every time I sacrifice my own comfort for someone else, I experience an inarticulate hope.

While this year has been unusual, and we are exercising physical distancing from one another, we do not have to give up on sharing kindness. There are no limitations on showing up and seeing the needs of others, so here are a few ways you can add a little unexpected joy into the holiday season. 

12 Days of #Sowkind

If you are up for adventure and trying something new, here are some ideas of how you might incorporate kindness adventures throughout the season. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of the month keep you from seeing others. Be intentional, share hope, and instill dignity. 

#Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar

Last year, a friend suggested we create kindness advent calendars, and I thought it was a great idea. My daughter and I created daily acts of kindness for a #Sowkind advent calendar. It was a great advent(ure) that centered our minds on others during a season that can fill up with a lot of self-focused activities. One of the days had me in tears because I had forgotten how seemingly small acts of kindness intersect authentic needs we may never know about until we step into the act of giving. You can read about what had me in tears here. 😭

We took the ideas from 2019 and created a 2020 #Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar© you can print off and put in your house or office. These ideas do not cost much, but they have an incredible return. 

–> Click here to download your 2020 #Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar

#Sowing into Singles

Singleness. It presents in many forms. Singles have a story. They desire to be honored, not ignored. If you are not in a single season, please tune your heart to the needs of those around you. Here are a few ideas to consider as you gather in the coming days and weeks. 📝

Share on your Social Media

I would love to hear how you are implementing any of the #sowkind suggestions into your holiday season. If you use the hashtag, your picture will be visible to anyone who searches the hashtag. Seeing your adventures is both encouraging and inspiring. In case you didn’t know, the #sowkindmovement has a website. Check it out here. ✔️

Don’t forget to invite your friends, kiddos, family, and neighbors to join in the fun of scattering kindness! Make it a holiday to remember because you were busy remembering others!

I do hope you will consider elevating someone else this season. It will be worth it; I can promise you the reward will truly be yours!

Alyssa DeLosSantos 💚

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