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Sowkind Advent[ure] 2021

How’s the adventure in your life?

Are you stuck in a rut–looking for a way to move out of a humdrum rhythm of life?

Advent is filled with expectancy and anticipation.

Adventure is an exciting or remarkable experience.

What if this season could be full of expectancy and excitement?

That is the hope of the Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar–which includes simple ideas for incorporating kindness adventures into the season.

Instead of submitting to our busy schedules, what if we aspired to be intentional, share hope, and instill dignity?

Each of the 24 days, offers an opportunity to intentionally show up, see others, and #sowkind. The daily suggestion will not always be easy, but intentionality often stretches us further than the confines of convenience.

Will you help us make a significant ripple of kindness this season?

If you are in, we are asking you to sign up for one specific day this year. We would love to highlight your effort to scatter kindness in our community. We need 24 people to select one day. Will you be one?

Information about how to proceed with selecting a day from the Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar can be found here.

Advent[ure] Starts NOW!
Here we go!

PS–Here’s what we did last year! This should give you an idea of what to expect!

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