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Choose Words Wisely

Words can be weapons, but they can also dismantle misperceptions and falsehood.

Words can eradicate hope, but they can also interrupt fear.

Words can knock the wind out of you, but they can also breathe life and courage into dry bones.

Choosing words wisely is the essence of good stewardship.

When you do not feel up to anything else, be about the business of knowing when to refrain and when to engage.

Be givers and receivers of kindness.

#sowkind to the neighbors on your street, the people at your work, and the strangers you encounter. When kindness returns to you, it seems to be right on time to meet a real time need. If that is true for you, you can be confident it is true for the people who intersect with your kindness.

Show up. Leave a note in a place you know someone is bound to find it. Meet others right in the middle of ordinary things.

Kindness isn’t new, it’s now!

Start somewhere; start today.

Alyssa ❤

4 thoughts on “Choose Words Wisely

  1. I especially like ur contrasts in this post Alyssa. But my favorite thought/statement is “Choosing words wisely is the essence of good stewardship” – this is a brand new thought for me! I totally agree with it and am going to chew on it tonight and then incorporate the resulting action into my daily existence. Thanks for the info and challenge!!

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