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#Sowkind Story Swap: Please Share!

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My goal was to make kindness my dialect in 2019. I had some failed attempts, but the efforts that fell short were evidence of effort, and that’s progress.

To close out this year, I’d love to share and hear some stories of kindness. Story swapping is a way to restore momentum by gaining new ideas and inspiration. So, how did you scatter kindness this year? Will you share some of your stories in the comments here or on social media?

What gestures did you extend, and how were they received? Did you participate in the #sowkindadvent? How did your efforts change you? What worked? What flopped? What will you try again in 2020? What will you never try again? What did you learn about yourself or others?

I shared one of my favorite #sowkind stories from 2019 here. Reading it or thinking about it still chokes me up. What an unexpected gift in spite of my own stubbornness! I have another story from one of our #Sowkind Advent(ures). I’ll share that later in the month. Suffice it to say, I learned another valuable lesson about acting in the moment versus stalling.

Maybe you are reluctant to get involved because you feel like you don’t have time, creative ideas, or the right words? As a first step, you could simply search #sowkind [in any search bar] and look through the posts to see what others have done. You might discover the #sowkindmovement is easier than you imagined.

My personal hope is that more people commit to the movement in 2020-even if every person elects to #sow one time. I would LOVE to capture additional stories for our website, too. Didn’t know we had one? Check it out at www [dot] sowkindmovement [dot] com. Our story wall has plenty of room for your story!

Friends, thank you for participating in 2019. Thank you for giving this kindness movement a shot. Thank you for seeing the value in loving others through kindness.  Thank you for using the hashtag throughout the year [this is so much bigger than you might imagine]. Thank you for your inspiring posts. Thank you for locking arms to keep the ripple of kindness going. You inspire me. That is not an exaggeration.

Here’s to another year of showing up, seeing others, and scattering kindness.

Waiting with bated breath to hear your stories…I’m only sort of kidding.

Happy New Year!

Alyssa :0)

Share yoursowkind story

Everyone who comments or shares a story on social media will be entered to win a #sowkind t-shirt. Be sure to tag me or use the hashtag in your post. We don’t want to miss anyone who shares!

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2 thoughts on “#Sowkind Story Swap: Please Share!

  1. 2019 was a great year for incorporating #sowKind (listed as one of the fruits of the spirit in Galatians 5:22) into my texting life. Alyssa you suggested including a photo of you with the person ur texting to let them know you’ve been thinking about them. I did this several times when I thought about a person with whom I had not communicated with in awhile. The response was always warm and appreciated. Don’t we all like to be affirmed and validated which gives us worth?!! Also intentionally making eye contact with folks and saying hello when I meet/pass them on the street; again, my hope & intent is to validate their existence, their worth. Keep #sowKind-ing Alyssa it is such an encouragement to all!!

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    1. Yes, that is one of my favorite days from the #sowkind advent. There is something tender that happens with the exchange of the photo and words. Yes, receiving affirmation is never lost on me. Thanks for participating and sharing part of your story!


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