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#Sowkind Story Swap: Please Share!

My goal was to make kindness my dialect in 2019. I had some failed attempts, but the efforts that fell short were evidence of effort, and that’s progress. To close out this year, I’d love to share and hear some stories of kindness. Story swapping is a way to restore momentum by gaining new ideas…… Continue reading #Sowkind Story Swap: Please Share!

Sow Kind

Happy 1st Birthday, #sowkindmovement!

My friend, Andrea, shares her heart for and about the #sowkind movement in this post. Consider this, some seasons you are the one kindness finds–and in others you are the one scattering kindness. BOTH are active elements of the #sowkindmovement. Want to know more? Visit http://www.sowkindmovement.com for more information!