Sow Kind

You Brew You Podcast: Guest Interview

Last month, I was interviewed for the #YouBrewYouPodcast. [[SQUEAL]] I had long hoped to share the message of #sowkind with people outside my circle, so when KariAnn extended the invitation to be interviewed, I was an immediate YES!

I’d be honored if you’d listen and consider joining in on this humble attempt to scatter kindness in a world of lonely and hurting.

If you don’t know about the SowKind Movement, this interview offers a glimpse into the heart behind the mission. We talk about the origins of the movement, how it was named, and ways to get involved.

This was such a fun experience! My gratitude for you who are participating and cheering is immeasurable. You are definitely MY FAVORITES–because this movement would not exist without you!

Take a listen. Share it with your people. Join the movement.

#youbrewyou #podcast #sowkindmovement #fiveminuteimpact


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