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Just When I Feel Like Quitting

I want to share a story with you. This summer, while heading out on a mission trip, I decided to leave a note in the Houston Hobby airport bathroom. It was a simple note to cheer on the woman who would enter the bathroom stall sometime after me. So far this sounds noble and lovely,…… Continue reading Just When I Feel Like Quitting

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Dear Daughter, Live in the Middle

Here is the third letter in the Letters from the Heart blog series! We have several more letters to go, and you will hear from some new voices in the coming weeks. The letters are tender and inspiring, and I hope you’ll come back every Monday to read each installment! I had the fortune/misfortune of…… Continue reading Dear Daughter, Live in the Middle

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#SowKind: A Movement of Kindness

The #SowKind movement isn’t a just a cute, naïve gesture. I don’t believe kindness is the solution to gun violence, domestic abuse, racism, or human trafficking. I DO believe kindness manifests within a person and the overflow is splashed onto the likes of anyone standing near. I DO believe kindness has a ripple effect. I…… Continue reading #SowKind: A Movement of Kindness

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Moment of Truth Monday

It’s no secret that I LOVE bacon. If I make six slices of bacon, I want all six slices. When we are out of bacon, I feel anxious. I’m sort of exaggerating, but not really. As I type these words, I have four packages of bacon in my refrigerator. Please don’t try to fool me…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday

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Moment of Truth Monday

I have a hard time throwing things away. I don’t think I’m hoarder status, but I can certainly justify keeping all manner of strange things. I was feeling particularly conflicted last week about the beautiful pumpkins occupying space on my porch steps and dining table. The season had passed, but goodness I didn’t feel good…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday

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Remember When “Your Mom” Was Your Best Comeback?

“Your mom” was a defensive phrase commonly used back in the day. It served to push back any further treading on one’s pride or feelings. Two words without much bite. Often, it was my only comeback, and I’m kind of wishing it could make a comeback. Strange thing to say, I know. But…if that was the meanest thing that…… Continue reading Remember When “Your Mom” Was Your Best Comeback?

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Quitting Everything and Faulty Thinking

Her words were timely. My week had been difficult {read as super crappy and therefore emotional}, and the envelope she slipped in my bag remained buried for a few days. When I reached in, and subsequently pulled out the envelope, I was eager to open it. I had been dancing on the edge of quitting for…… Continue reading Quitting Everything and Faulty Thinking

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A Tale of Two Identities

Immature. Cranky. Obsessive. Silly. I’ve been assigned these labels over the course of my years, and I can own them all. In fact, I may even be comfortable with them. I mean, isn’t it just easier to be the person you’ve always been; to walk in the path already cleared and worn – to embrace an identity others expect? I…… Continue reading A Tale of Two Identities