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Moment of Truth Monday

It’s no secret that I LOVE bacon. If I make six slices of bacon, I want all six slices. When we are out of bacon, I feel anxious. I’m sort of exaggerating, but not really. As I type these words, I have four packages of bacon in my refrigerator.

Please don’t try to fool me with your turkey bacon or any other imposter bacon. I will eat it because bacon, but I will not enjoy it. Crispy, stove-cooked bacon is my kryptonite. The downside of cooking bacon on the stove is the greasy mess. As in, one must wonder if eating this deliciousness can possibly be healthy. The answer is yes, obviously.

The cooking and eating are the easy parts of my bacon obsession. The cleanup leaves a lot to be desired. I used to have a habit of leaving the grease in the pan until it solidified. Then, and I understand this is kind of gross, I would use paper towels to scoop the hunk of grease into the trash can. Full disclosure-I considered throwing the pan away {because that’s another cleanup option} on more than one occasion.

Thank goodness for the wisdom that comes with experience, right? As I considered the extra energy delayed cleanup required, I decided to make a slight adjustment. I started cleaning up the grease before it hardened. When it was still in a liquid state, I could easily dump it in my grease can (thank you for that pro-tip, mom) and use one paper towel to absorb any remaining liquid. This cut the gross factor down and saved me time. Double win.

It occurs to me that relationships, even the easy ones, also get messy. When I allow hurt to fester in my heart, it becomes rooted and difficult to heal. If I stuff my emotions and pretend everything’s fine, I have a bigger mess to address when it all hits the fan. Delaying communication, while still able to be “cleaned” up, may demand more effort overall.

With bacon grease, I found it easier to address the issue of cleanup right away. No matter which method I employed, the pan required cleaning. It never sat on the stove and magically became clean. Work was always a part of the equation.

I wonder how many relationships have been abandoned because the perceived work was too great. I confess my own tendency to consider the nature of relationships dispensable when they require too much of me. Discomfort does not necessarily equal dysfunctional, and pain is often a conduit of growth.

Some of our relational experiences will be best served with a quick cleanup. Others will need a little time. Either way, work is inevitable. The fruit of cultivating relationship is connection. Don’t let fear, or the appearance of hard work, be the boss of you.

If an apology is in order, apologize.

If an invitation is the next step, invite.

If encouragement is needed, encourage.

The effort is worth the reward.


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One thought on “Moment of Truth Monday

  1. You are so witty with your real life analogies. It helps us visual learners understand the concept in the process. Excellent exercise. Now, excuse me but I need to cook up some bacon. xo

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