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A Tale of Two Identities

Immature. Cranky. Obsessive. Silly.

I’ve been assigned these labels over the course of my years, and I can own them all. In fact, I may even be comfortable with them. I mean, isn’t it just easier to be the person you’ve always been; to walk in the path already cleared and worn – to embrace an identity others expect? I believe so. But I’ve also discovered that it doesn’t take a great deal of courage to be that person.

It’s risky to step away from an artificial identity {one given to you by others} and toward who you are becoming…who you were created to be.

I stepped off the small stage after teaching a short devotional and was deep in thought (divided thoughts for anyone that happened to read my last post) when she approached me. As her words poured out–I felt my pace slow and my thoughts converge with the sound of her voice. What she said was outside my comfort zone and sounded foreign.

“You have an emotional IQ that cannot be taught.” My head moved from side to side as I tried to confirm she was indeed talking to me. Excuse me? An emotional IQ. Really?

My quick assessment proved two things: I was still me {the girl who never learned to trust people, who struggles to be vulnerable, and constantly questions her gifting} and she was talking to me…about me!

I’ve been accused of a lot of things, but never of having an emotional IQ! She affirmed me as a woman, teacher, and natural communicator. I looked her in the eyes and soaked up everything she said. It was tender, honest, and refreshing.

There is such power in our words. Scripture says our tongue has the power to bring life, or death. Her selfless decision to speak life restored something deep within me. When someone uses their words to encourage me, not only is my strength renewed, but I’m built up to do the next right thing.

Ephesians Scripture

Like a long-awaited rain on a dry land, words of encouragement nourish souls, restore withered spirits, and cultivate hope.

I want to be accused of that…being a purveyor of hope. Lord, give me eyes to see myself and others from your Kingdom perspective!

6 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Identities

  1. You teach with words all the time, but you teach me by example more & more. The way you pursue your faith is so courageous and inspiring. We are all works on progress but I have not met the Alyssa who takes the easy road or encourages others to do so. You’re defintely the city on a hill. Matt 5:14

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  2. So wise as usual. I still hang on to positive words that others spoke to me over 20 years ago. Thanks for reminding me to challenge myself to speak love to others often

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  3. Wow A what inspiring thoughts. Our Lord has certainly gifted you with communication skills! What a blessing to others and what honor you bring to God when you use those gifts. Keep marching towards Zion daughter!


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