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Divided Attention

With the last push {in my final delivery}, I believe I birthed my brain. Honestly. She said placenta which must have been code for:  recall, memory, and all connected, logical thoughts.

I track random pieces of fuzz adrift in my house.

I stop to pick split ends {for 5 minutes and sometimes much longer} in the middle of important and pressing tasks. Seriously.

This is real–on a date with my husband I became so engaged in another couple’s conversation that I began answering their questions {to my husband who wasn’t listening to the other conversation}. The perplexed look on my husband’s face was the only thing that alerted me to my attention deviation.

Imagine my surprise when one of my children used the word “hardcore” to describe my faith this week. Me. The one who is prone to wander and wonder. The one that thinks of four “must do items” while reading a recipe, and forgets




That word conjures up thoughts of one that is committed.


Consistent in pursuit.

There is a race set before me…by God. Determined is the only way to enter a race.

Though there are many distractions, I will not look to the right or left. I will fix my eyes on Jesus~and run.


Hardcore in pursuit of the prize.



The rest…

I blame the so-called “placenta.”


Are you hardcore? If so, about what?

2 thoughts on “Divided Attention

  1. Making sure that the “good” girls; the Sunday school attending, parent obeying, Hillsong singing, Bible verse memorizing sweet girls, truly, truly understand that none of those “good” things will protect you in life if you have no real relationship with Jesus. Their own intimate faith, believing in their worth as a daughter of the Most High kind of faith has to be questioned and discussed in the safety and protected space of our church before it is challenged by the world.


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