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Wisdom in the Weeds: Exercise Integrity

My relationship with exercise has always been fickle. The treadmill might be a top priority for 2 days, but then I keep my distance for 2 weeks. I wish I was exaggerating. I assure you, I am not. During my senior year in high school, I was in “contract PE.” We created an agreement that…… Continue reading Wisdom in the Weeds: Exercise Integrity

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Moment of Truth Monday

Behind every win is some sort of loss. You may not see it in others, but it’s there. Sure, the trophy is shiny and catches the eye, but it’s a momentary euphoria. The win is often a summation of losses, heartaches, and victories. You have to push through opposition to get to opportunities. So often,…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday

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Divided Attention

With the last push {in my final delivery}, I believe I birthed my brain. Honestly. She said placenta which must have been code for:  recall, memory, and all connected, logical thoughts. I track random pieces of fuzz adrift in my house. I stop to pick split ends {for 5 minutes and sometimes much longer} in the…… Continue reading Divided Attention