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Worth Your Time: Episode Two

Many of you know that I did two seasons of Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide, and Go with my friend Jill. We decided to put our project on hold at the beginning of this year, so now I am playing around with going solo for a podcast possibly called Worth Your Time. Welcome to my trial episodes. If you missed the first episode, you can listen here.

Today–I spend a few minutes talking about what happens when our worthiness is up for grabs. That can happen for a number of reasons–personal indiscretions, experiences with abandonment and loss, and believing lies. 

Understanding worth is a simple task for some of you, but for others [raising my own hand], this requires ongoing work to unlearn patterns to rebuild a pathway to truth. Knowing your worth and behaving like you believe it are two different subjects.

When worthiness has been compromised, the filters and mirrors we look through are broken, so they distort the truth. Alyssa DeLosSantos

For many years, I sincerely believed my dog was the only one who loved me. Let the gravity of that sit with you for a minute. Because I believed that was true, it became the truth that guided so many decisions and wrong turns in my story.

Cognitively–I know my worth. I can rattle off many reasons supporting my value, but when the rubber meets the road, the things in my head do not translate into the way I carry myself. My self-doubt and shrinking gives way to the worn path of unbelief.

Every day I have a fresh opportunity to walk in worthiness. For that I am truly grateful. This is a journey, so it is wise to plan for the trip. Find places to rest, pack nourishment for the road, and have several podcasts downloaded to keep you company. In other words, plan to grow as you go.

We work from our worth, not for it. Having a firm foundation under your feet is necessary for the journey.

Quote from Alyssa DeLosSantos

Listen to today’s episode here. >

Here’s my favorite line from this episode. I am not sure who said it, but it is so worth repeating and remembering when we look at the “strength” of others. Just because someone carries it well doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.

Don’t forget-this is a two part series, so be sure to circle back next week for part two!

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