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The 2022 Sowkind Advent[ure] Has Begun!

Raise your hand if you have been around here for a bit. If you been at the table for a minute, you know how much I love the Sowkind Movement, how I advocate for the Sowkind Nonprofit, and how it all got started.

If you are new around here, welcome to the table! You can learn the why behind Sowkind here, and I would love to invite you to jump on in for the adventure and be an essential part of the movement.

With the holiday season upon us, I wonder if anyone is already feeling the pull to be all things to all people, deliver on everyone’s deepest longing, and have a perfectly decorated house.

If you are looking for a little adventure with a big impact, maybe you can push pause on your holiday baking and decorating, and check out the 2022 Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar.

#sowkind is a simple idea to show up and see others. It is wrapped in intentionality.

At Sowkind, we believe kindness is essential to connection and growth as individuals and as a community.

We also know that loneliness increases in the winter and around holiday seasons.

“According to an American Psychological Association study, 38% of people surveyed said they experience an increased level of stress around the holidays.” [ABC News]

We created the Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar as an antidote to the pull of loneliness and the ever increasing pressure to produce and perform during the holidays. With this tool, you can add a little adventure into your day to increase your joy and the joy of others.

“There’s strong scientific evidence that demonstrates being kind is good for the body and mind,” said Jeremy Nielsen, RN, BSN, inpatient behavioral health manager at Dixie Regional Medical Center. “Studies have shown that even witnessing acts of kindness as well as performing acts of kindness have positive, healthy side-effects.” [Intermountain Healthcare]

This is our why, and we want to share the calendar with you. Every day of the calendar offers a simple act of kindness you can build into your routine. Some cost little, some cost nothing, and some can be completed in a few seconds. No matter what, you won’t regret turning your focus outward during this season that often threatens our contentment and stretches us to be all things to all people.

From calling someone just because to dropping off flowers to a neighbor, you can decide how much or how little you want to participate. There is something for everyone.

You can join in the advent[ure] at any time. We believe a little participation in other’s centered activities is good for everyone!

Are you ready for advent[ure]?

Download your copy of the 2022 Sowkind Advent[ure] Calendar here.

Have you already started? How is it going? Be sure to share your adventures as a way of inviting others into an others-centered season and lifestyle!

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