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Note to Self–Live Wholeheartedly

Real talk. ➡ Summer social media posts have taken me out in the past. Seeing the amazing vacations and daily adventures of others has sparked envy that quickly turned to dissatisfaction with my own life.

Do you know what I am talking about?

It is funny how our instinct to compare surfaces without an invitation. You’ve probably heard the phrase comparison is the thief of joy, but I think it is the thief of wholehearted living.

Here’s the reality–someone will always be doing things we wish we could do, but the same can be said of our lives. Our ordinary tasks are appealing to the person longing for a personal crisis to end or the person living in fear or fury.

^^That isn’t the point, but it does help us recover from an unbalanced perspective. It reminds us to stay grounded in the story we are living and NOT in someone else’s.

We get to choose to live wholeheartedly TODAY. We don’t have to have vacation plans or even a pool in our backyard.

>> We can call a friend and meet for coffee.

>> We can play a board game we haven’t played in years.

>> We can write a letter to an old friend.

Try turning off social media notifications because “their” best life doesn’t compare to the life God created for YOU.

It’s time to live fully in the life we have.

Other people shouldn’t be our indicator, so let’s let them off the hook, listen for the voice of God, and dare to chase adventure wherever it leads.

#lifelessons #comparisontrap #preachingtomyself

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