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Mother’s Day Experiences

Mother’s Day evokes a wide spectrum of emotions–from deep satisfaction to inexplicable sorrow. For as many mothers there are in the world, there are that many varieties of experiences with a mother and as a mother.

While I never imagined I would be a mother [for fear of not being a good one], I cannot imagine my life without the ones who call me mom. Much work has been done to reframe what I needed from my mother and who I am as a mother. The work is always worth the reward.

However, today I am inclined to remember the vast spectrum of stories that swirl around this day.

Some regret the years of mothering they missed.

Some delight in treasured memories.

Some mourn at the grave of the child they once held close and ache to hold again.

Some celebrate a restored relationships.

Some engage in relationships with children who reject every attempt.

Some question the effectiveness of their mothering.

Some wait with baited breath to welcome wayward children home.

Some swing open their hearts and lives to love on children who are only theirs for a brief stay.

Some unconditionally love children who were not birthed from their body but could never be untangled from their heart.

Some mourn children they could not or did not parent.

Some children weep at the graves of mothers gone too soon.

Some children swallow the pain of trauma when they think of their mothers.

Some children are searching for their mothers.

Some children hope to be just like their mothers.

There is always a story.

Do not assume every narrative reads like yours.

Make space for others.

Always choose kindness and honor.

Be gracious in your conversations today.

Thank your “bonus” mom.

Celebrate birth moms.

Embrace foster moms.

Rally around adoptive moms.

Honor those who desire to be moms.

Comfort those who struggle to even say mom.

Nurture those who call you mom.

Be present in the story today!

Alyssa ❤

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mom!

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