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Table Talk: A New Video Podcast

A new year calls for new perspective, renewed purpose, and audacious goals. Actually, I am not typically one for making resolutions, and I often resist sharing my goals out of a fear of failure. However, in 2020, I opened my mouth and shared a nudging with a small group of fellow creatives, but the story started a few years before.

While in another city on a speaking assignment, I sat across the table from a friend/mentor and took in the words she was led to share with me. She told me that while my written word was strong, there was something about my speaking that was different. She stepped out on a limb and encouraged me to consider starting a podcast.

Because I am polite, I listened with a sense of possibility, but I am an enneagram one. As the words escaped her mouth, I had already garnered a list of one million reasons I could not start a podcast.

  1. I did not know where or how to begin.
  2. I did not have equipment.
  3. Everyone was podcasting.
  4. I would need direction.
  5. I did not have time to figure it all out.

As it turns out, I drank in her encouragement, but I did not pick it up from there. Sometimes we have to do that. We let ideas ruminate until they are ready to take flight. She planted a seed that needed time to sleep in the soil of possibility.

While I was never sure how it would happen, I felt a sense of knowing that it would happen. If I have been sure of one thing in my life, it is this. I was made to teach and speak. It is the lane where I feel most at home.

As life went into lockdown, all the teaching I was committed to went from in person to on the screen. Sometimes it only take a little spark to ignite a passion. I was forced to move my teaching to a new platform. My car became my office and recording studio, and right in the middle of the mess, the previous podcast idea took root.

It was not merely a podcast I felt compelled to consider, but something that included video. As a visual learner, this added element made sense to my learning style. During a casual Voxer exchange, I disclosed my growing interest in starting a video podcast. Right in that space, a collaboration began, and the prospect of a video podcast was birthed.

In a year like 2020, who would even think to pursue such an audacious goal? I guess it is more appropriate to ask this question. In a year like 2020, why not pursue something different? After many video meetings, idea swapping, and prayer, we landed on what would be known as Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide, and Go.

On Table Talk: A Place to Gather, Guide, and Go myself and Jill Dobrowansky discuss Scripture, life experiences, and everything in between. At our table, we provide a seat for those who have been told there is no room at the table. We will release a new video podcast once a month. I have created a space on the sidebar of my home page where you will have quick access to the monthly video.

We are so excited to have you pull up a seat and make yourself comfortable at our table. Be sure to invite a friend to have a seat at the table–and subscribe so you never miss an episode!

Thanks for celebrating my new thing in this new year!

Alyssa ❤

PS–If you didn’t know, I also released a new eBook this year. Click here to download your free copy [it will arrive in your email inbox, so watch your junk folder]. After the mess of 2020, I see a new message of hope emerging. I hope you do, too!

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