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Appreciation Goes a LONG Way!

This week, teachers and nurses were celebrated.

Both groups work tirelessly. Their work is often not seen nor celebrated. They don’t do it for the recognition or applause, but you and I know appreciate goes a long way.

The heart of the #sowkindmovement is to be a bright light of encouragement for others. It doesn’t cost us anything to sprinkle a little kindness. Why keep the power of kindness to ourselves? Kindness begets kindness, so the ripple of one decision is immeasurable.

Will you take a moment to encourage a teacher or a nurse? Share this post, tag them in the comments, or offer your own words crafted with kindness.

Either way, it only takes a minute to make someone’s day. √

Here are posts that you can use as idea igniters or share directly with teachers and nurses.
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You are truly amazing and our gratitude for you should not be confined to one day. May we learn [and strive] to honor you each day.

Thank you for standing gracefully while being bawled out by an overwhelmed and scared parent.

Thank you for keeping late hours to write personal comments on your student’s work.

Thank you for putting on a smile when your personal world is unsteady.

Thank you for investing your own resources on behalf of your students.

Thank you for enduring never-ending comments from others about “wishing” they had summers OFF. {cringe}

Thank you for wearing name badges with your picture. You unknowingly pacify fears of many parents.

Thank you for holding the hand of frightened children AND parents.

Thank you for reading between the lines and trusting your gut when a child seems a little off.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know your students for the people they are.

Thank you for cultivating their unique bent and giftedness.

Thank you for building community in your actual AND virtual classrooms.

Thank you for investing in our future.

Thank you for sowing into the legacy of a nation.

You are our heroes.

#teacherappreciation #teacherappreciationweek #sowkind #sowkindmovement #passiton

Happy Nurses WEek! (1)


You are keepers of the most intimate needs and emotions of those you serve.

You witness the miracle of life, and you hold the hand of those taking their last breath on earth.

You enter the greatest vulnerabilities we know. You become lighthouses for grieving families and friends to families of the chronically ill.

You encourage the weary.You comfort the heavyhearted. You are silent strength for patients.

Sometimes–you are the only friend and visitor a patient has. You dignify the loneliest and respect those often forgotten.

Thank you for pouring out your skill.Thank you for offering tenderness with skilled care.Thank you for working through this trying time.

You are seen. You are deeply appreciated.You are the unseen heroes.


#nursesday #nurseappreciationweek #sowkind

Alyssa ♥

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