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Porch Pondering Part One: Transplanting

Welcome to a new three part vlog series! {vlog=video blog} Each part of this series is roughly six minutes in length. That’s about the time it takes to check in on social media, curl your bangs, or warm up a frozen meal. While I know we are time poor, I hope you’ll invest six minutes to consider these ponderings and receive encouragement for your journey.

My friend, Melinda, joins me for the series. She is not new to this space. You might remember she wrote a post in the “Letters from the Heart” series called, “Dear Texas.”

The first vlog is about transplanting. It’s fitting, of course, because Melinda and I are living in Texas, but we are originally from Illinois. Oddly enough…we didn’t meet until we were living in the Lone Star State!

To be perfectly honest, I was not happy about living in Texas. The culture shock was real. I did not understand many things about my new surroundings, and I was equally annoyed about all the non-existent tumbleweed. I did, after all, think Texas was one giant ranch with tumbleweeds. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the Alamo was across the street from the wax museum #mindblown. I struggled to make the necessary adjustments in my new environment; I regularly felt like a fish out of water.

Anyway, a lot can happen in a mind and heart unwilling to make adjustments. That’s what today’s episode is about. This is a call to be aware of yourself and others during seasons of transition and transplanting.


Thanks for engaging here today! Don’t forget to come back next Monday for Porch Pondering Part Two: Seasons. 

Until then…be brave, bold, and kind, friends!

Alyssa 🙂

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