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Porch Pondering Part Two: Seasons

Seasons, wherefore art thou?

For some of you, a new season is playing out in majestic ways right in front of your eyes. For others, like me, the anticipation of experiencing a new season is palpable. Although the calendar says we are in Autumn, the temperatures don’t match what I expect it to feel like. That right there is exactly what makes the seasons of our lives so difficult.

People experience new seasons while others remain stuck in old seasons. I’ve seen photos of beautiful colors, comfy sweatshirts, and a sense of relief. Meanwhile, it’s humid and brown where I live. Grass resembles hay because of the unrelenting sun and lack of rain for days and weeks on end. Seeing others move out of dry seasons makes sticking this one out [with joy] difficult.

The seasons of life are no joke. Trusting that tough seasons become seasons of rest is work. The truth is, all seasons have a beginning, middle, and END! In the same way, I’ve been known to begrudge the seasons where I live. Instead of four seasons, we are well-acquainted with two(ish). When it’s Winter, I don’t feel so bad about not experiencing the fullness of the season. However, when it’s Fall, I’m a mess. Whether it’s seasons of the year or seasons of life, I’m learning to remain rooted right where I am. That’s not easy.

Today’s vlog is about enduring the seasons of life. Sadly, the Texas state bird, a mosquito, was threatening to devour us, so we had to move from porch to couch! Join us for the #couchpondering conversation today. If you missed “Porch Pondering Part One” Transplanting”-you can find that here.

We are honored to share these 6 minutes with you. We know you have a lot of choices and demands on your time, so thank you for choosing to invest here. [smiley face]

With love,


PS-If you’d like to read more of Melinda’s thoughts on life, click here.

PPS-Pay attention to the blanket between us. Leave a comment about what you think is happening there or something you connected with in the video, and you’ll be entered to win one of the new #sowkind t-shirts.


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