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Moment of Truth Monday

Well, it’s been a hot minute since my last MOTM post. I realize this is posting on Wednesday, but it was crafted and posted on social media on Monday. Who can remember to post all the places? Most people, just not this one!

I’ve missed writing MOTM posts. They are always good for my soul. Monday was a difficult day, and I knew I had to write. People write for a variety of reasons; I write because it’s an outlet that heals me. Everyday life can take its toll, and writing is the way I process life. 

So…even though it’s Wednesday, I hope you find some encouragement from today’s “Moment of Truth Monday.” Getting unstuck is no easy task, but I’m happy to report I found my way full circle in my thinking. Read on; it will make sense by the time you reach the end!

Thank you for being here, friend. 




1. My day started with a text from my daughter, who is 1,000 miles away, saying someone had stolen the wheels off her bike. [infuriating]

2. After dropping off at a “way to early” morning practice, I had the fortune of following a man who prioritized his cell phone engagement over the safety of others. We would be traveling at a rate of 55 mph and then suddenly slam the brakes until we reached a speed of 35 mph for NO reason. [irritating]

3. While juggling the demands of work, home, and my personal life, my stamina diminished as my exhaustion increased. I’m actually tired of being tired. Thank you, thyroid. [inconvenient]

In the middle of it all, I felt an injustice rising in me. It’s not uncommon for me to want to see justice exacted on my timeline and in the way I see fit. That injustice often gives way to dissatisfaction. Today was no exception.

After sitting with my thoughts for a bit, I sensed the nudge to shift my perspective. I walked outside to feed my birds, the ones I’d neglected for a month, when a thought occurred to me.

Bird picture

The birds made an adjustment I’m not always willing to make. They weren’t stewing over the insufficient bird seed in our feeder. They had flown on to other yards where food was available.

Perspective is all about following a thought all the way through. Yes, the theft of my daughter’s wheels will cost us and it’s inconvenient, but she was not harmed. Yes, the driver was annoying, but I was alert and able to keep a safe distance. Yes, my thyroid disease often steals my energy, but it cannot steal my voice.

It’s a good day to learn this lesson. Whatever thought threatens to steal your satisfaction, follow it full circle. What’s on the other side of the doubt, fear, frustration, and worry? Follow it through and discover another possible perspective.


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