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Moment of Truth Monday

Birthdays are important. It’s my personal practice to make much of my loved one’s birthdays. We have birthday traditions I suspect will live on if my children have families of their own. We have donuts and chocolate milk in the morning, blow out candles and open gifts in the morning, and speak words of encouragement for the year ahead over the celebrated one.

Birthdays carry a lot of weight and meaning around here. There’s a reason, of course. The annual marker of the day of birth is an opportunity to throw confetti and confirm the one celebrated is seen, known, and valued. Birthdays offer an opportunity to elevate a life that may not otherwise feel important. Birthdays are a big deal.

I appreciate people who pass off birthdays as any other day. Sometimes, I wish I was one of those people. I happen to be someone who appreciates being celebrated. This isn’t in an arrogant way, but an honest way. I want my people to circle the wagons on my birthday.

It’s been my practice to make light of things important to me. The time I learned my book endorsement was selected and when I found out my writing would be published in an actual book…I wanted to scream and shout and tell the whole world, but I mostly didn’t. I was afraid of coming across like I was bragging, or full of myself.

It’s easy for me to celebrate others, but I’m not as quick to celebrate myself. I’ve decided this is a good year to change that bad habit. Since this is my birthday month, it’s a good time to start cutting a new path for my new habit.

This month, as a way of being seen and known, I’m asking you to join me in celebrating my 43rd birthday [that feels a little slimy, so stick with me]. I’ve been talking about #sowkind and inviting you to join me in this movement of kindness. Many of you have joined in by sending letters and posting pictures and I’m so grateful.

It’s amazing to see ripples in various areas. To celebrate my birthday, I’d love to see 43 #sowkind posts. Posts can be stories of kindness aimed toward you, acts of kindness you were motivated to carry out, pictures of letters you send this month, or #sowkind graphics you created. I know this is a bold request, but I’m asking anyway. I’m letting the thing that matters to me, matter to you. Will you help me hit 43 new posts? There are people in your circles of influence waiting to be celebrated through your small act of kindness. Will you help me celebrate by celebrating others?

Birthdays are important. They offer an opportunity to remember the good, clap at what’s happening now, and look with hopeful anticipation toward the future. I want it to be said of me that I celebrated others well-not just on birthdays, but always.

#momentoftruthmonday #celebrateothers #elevateothers #birthdaywish

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