Stood Up

Two of my three children are in their teenage years. Enough said. Post complete. Right? No. I’ll put some flesh on my thoughts.

The most common pattern I see, in this teenage season, is a strong need to retreat. Once home from school, it’s no surprise if I don’t see their faces until I ring the dinner bell. (And no, I don’t actually ring a dinner bell.) To be honest, this troubles me. I desire to spend time with my children…hear about their day at school…have a few moments of authentic face time.

I don’t force the kids to interact with me, but an invitation always waits~lingers out in the common space of our relationship…ready to indulge in the time they choose to sacrifice.

The correlation between my desire of time with my children, and the Lord’s desire of active relationship with me, struck me today. He, too, wants to meet with me, hear about my day, and get caught up in some one on one time! Yet, I’m not always willing. There are many days when it’s easier to retreat-to my room, myself, or my list of things to do.

Just as I wait on my children to surface, the Lord patiently awaits my surrender…to enter the quiet place, into His rest. To tell Him what’s on my heart, and wait for His response, comfort, and leading.

“If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.” (2 Timothy 2:13)

He will never turn His back on me~even if I turn my back on Him. I’ll remember this today, and any future time when it appears my kids don’t have the time or desire to visit with me. It will serve as a reminder to fall in step and accept the invitation He gives time and again. He is faithful. He is waiting. He longs to spend time with me (and you).

That’s hope…and I’m holding on to it.

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