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Dear Foster Baby, I’ll Never Stop Loving You

This letter was written by my friend, Letty. When I first read her words, I had to pause several times to collect myself. It’s such a beautiful expression of authentic love. Be prepared to experience the tenderness of her heart and the unique outlook she has on fostering. If you want to grab a tissue,…… Continue reading Dear Foster Baby, I’ll Never Stop Loving You

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Ever Feel Like Burying Your Head in the Sand?

The temperature has been unseasonably warm, the mosquitos have yet to die, and I’m feeling out of sorts. You know the times you want to bury your head in the sand and only emerge when everything is right? I am in one of those seasons. I used to think burying your head was a sign…… Continue reading Ever Feel Like Burying Your Head in the Sand?

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Broken, Leftover Pieces

I stared at the giant, broken Lego set and secretly hoped to find a way out of “repairing” it. Although I didn’t have a hand in its original creation, I previously performed emergency surgery. With this particular robot, or machine, or {who knows what it is}–parts just seemed to consistently fall off! So, I did…… Continue reading Broken, Leftover Pieces

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Tiptoeing Toward Vulnerability

Intimacy frightens me. Being brave–being vulnerable–sharing weakness—no.way.  Exposure is scary. Trust is required and I have not been super adept in that department. Beth Moore, in her study Living Free, refers to the “be strong, be independent” philosophy that was authored by satan. The one that sounds like, “no, I’m fine…I can manage this on my own.” Self…… Continue reading Tiptoeing Toward Vulnerability

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What’s Stuck In Your Shoe?

The question was light-yet poignant. Our speaker, a dear mentor and friend, asked this question as she held up an adorable pair of cow house shoes. She went on to explain that the night before she put them on for the first time. One slipper felt great…but the other, huh. She couldn’t comfortably get her…… Continue reading What’s Stuck In Your Shoe?

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Wake Up Call to Love

The alarm had been set, but what woke me were his panicked words… “Alyssa, it’s 6:00am.  You’re late.” I loathe mornings. Really. My body requires extra time to “warm up”, and my enthusiasm hibernates until sometime after 10am. I was scheduled to meet a friend at 6:15 that morning.  There was no way I could look presentable, grab…… Continue reading Wake Up Call to Love

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Lean Into the Turn

It eludes me. No formula will explain the mystery. I can wait for three minutes, water running continuously, before it turns from cold to hot. Although I only have the hot water handle turned on, freezing water flows from the tap. After a few months of living here, I determined to take the win in…… Continue reading Lean Into the Turn

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Pharisee to Follower

Crap shoot:: A gamble. Unknown. Unpredictable. No “sure thing”. Many days remind us, with every passing hour, that we are fallible and that life is filled with the unexpected. The phone call or email that caught us off guard…a disgruntled employee or employer…a relational mishap. The ice skater laces up her skates anticipating a great…… Continue reading Pharisee to Follower