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Lean Into the Turn


It eludes me. No formula will explain the mystery. I can wait for three minutes, water running continuously, before it turns from cold to hot. Although I only have the hot water handle turned on, freezing water flows from the tap.

After a few months of living here, I determined to take the win in this battle. I creatively (ha) decided to brush my teeth while waiting for the water to warm up. (My first instinct is to begin my routine by washing my face…thus the need for warm water immediately).

Today I got to thinking about my life. How I can go into situations expecting things to go according to my plan. How God often uses the journey to do “other things.” Good things, things that must be done…

Instead of fussing about cold water, or the detour along life’s path, what if I just did the “other things well?” What if I put less emphasis on where I thought the next turn would come–and just lean into the turn? Just as wasting water isn’t good stewardship, so wasting the opportunities He has provided is poor stewardship.

In my late teens days I had my first experience as a passenger on a motorcycle. It was fun. I loved the thrill, but apparently my body was responding differently. The driver pulled over halfway into the ride, took off his helmet, and spoke these words to me, “you have to lean into the turn unless you want us to wreck.” What? Apparently my natural reaction was to lean out of the turn—and I’m sure I did this out of fear. Fear of falling onto the pavement, fear of falling off and getting left behind, and just plain old fear of the unknown. So I leaned out of the turn. After the gentle correction from my driver, I held tight and leaned into each and every turn. Funny thing—I didn’t get hurt.

Today, instead of wondering about His ways, plans, purposes, or timeline—I will rest on His faithfulness. The faithfulness that gently guides as a bright light on a dark night. I will lean into the turns that lie ahead, which will undoubtedly run contrary to my instinct. And I will explore options that make the most of THIS moment, or delay. The most of this “opportunity.”

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. ~Jeremiah 29:11

6 thoughts on “Lean Into the Turn

  1. You are such a gifted writer my sweet Alyssa! I enjoy seeing the world anew through your eyes and insightful writings! May the Lord be glorified through your life! As for the hot water dilema, I am so there with you but I continue to wash my face with ice cold water for some reason and I have come to enjoy it even – my mini version of the Polar Bear plunge I guess! 🙂


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