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Letting Go and Falling…Forward?

Not long ago, I was invited to speak at a women’s retreat for one of our church campuses.  I wanted to be super spiritual and say I’d pray about it, but mostly my heart and mouth were long past saying yes, without the praying. Let me clarify, I stepped out of my job last year…… Continue reading Letting Go and Falling…Forward?


Gift Giving 101

Last week I bought my youngest a small Lego minifigure pack while grocery shopping. The little guy had memorized the “continent rap” and was required to recite it in front of his classmates. Knowing his intense struggle with anxiety, especially when “on the spot”, I felt led to buy him this tiny gift to celebrate his courage. This crazy little pack,…… Continue reading Gift Giving 101

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Capsizing and Crying

John, my husband, took our youngest son kayaking several months ago. Being Andrew’s first experience he was tentative, at best. No sooner than pushing off from the shore, the kayak capsized. Paralyzed with fear, it took an enormous amount of coaxing to get him back in the boat for the remainder of the trip-some two…… Continue reading Capsizing and Crying


In Need of an Alignment

Alignment: proper or desirable coordination or relation of components. When your car needs an alignment, it pulls to one side instead of moving forward in a straight trajectory.  Braces are used to achieve proper alignment of teeth.  A level is used to assure pictures are hung with equal distribution-so as not to be catawampus. In…… Continue reading In Need of an Alignment


through the eyes of the Beholder

Racing heart, wide eyes, and hands clinched, I watched him jump.  It was the first time he had attempted swimming in the deep water.  At a distance, I watched him reluctantly enter the water and swim with all he had.  After reminding myself to breathe, my hands began to clap and I couldn’t help but…… Continue reading through the eyes of the Beholder

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The Presence of Absence

For my daughter because through her pain~I was forced to deal with my own. You cry on Sunday nights while lying in your bed. Sleep invites, but heartache overwhelms you. “Mommy, I need you,” you call from your room. Heavy hearted, I respond to your plea. I come in and sit down on the edge…… Continue reading The Presence of Absence


Her Name Means Forsaken: Her Story Illustrates Redemption

Genesis 16:1-13 and Genesis 21:1-20 bring us face to face with an Old Testament relationship disaster. We get front row seats to watch circumstantial loneliness manifest-and become a platform for poor decision-making. Enter our main character: Hagar. Hagar is an Egyptian slave and Sarah’s rival. She didn’t have a voice as a slave, so she…… Continue reading Her Name Means Forsaken: Her Story Illustrates Redemption

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Are You Forcing a Blessing?

One never knows what chance treasure these easy unconscious rollers may toss-up, on the smooth white sand of the conscious mind, what perfectly rounded stone, what rare shell from the ocean floor…but it must not be sought for or-heaven forbid!-dug for. No, no dredging of the sea bottom here. That would defeat one’s purpose. The…… Continue reading Are You Forcing a Blessing?