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Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

Recently, I was invited into a circle of suffering. Most of us prefer an invitation to a celebration, but there is something sacred to be found in the space of suffering. Our deep need for connection is realized in the most tender seasons of our lives. As I sat and looked around the room, I…… Continue reading Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

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Quarantine Chronicles 3.0 [Who Knew?]

Well, here we are wearing the same outfits and running out of give-a-cares. We are still in search of the toilet paper we will NEVER again take for granted, and we have added hairstylist to our impressive resumes. Election campaigns have quieted, and GPA now stands for global perspective adjustment. This is QUARANTINE 2020. Who…… Continue reading Quarantine Chronicles 3.0 [Who Knew?]

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Moment of Truth Monday

I am a survivor of 1980’s train-wreck trends. Some of those include but are not limited to: parachute pants {mine were gray}, a single white glove {thank you, Michael Jackson}, feathered hair, mullets, multiple ear piercings, large Esprit book bags, moon boots, and tight-rolled jeans. Pictures from this decade cause me to cringe and turn…… Continue reading Moment of Truth Monday



Christina DiMari captivated me with her memoir Ocean Star. It was a tough read, but honest and authentic. After reading, I couldn’t help but be enamored with starfish, the scientific process of regeneration, the need to be connected to our source of life, and our need for others. Regeneration is the restoration or new growth…… Continue reading Regeneration


When the Patient Becomes the Doctor

Macy isn’t quite four and she is battling Leukemia. She spent a good part of July as a patient in the hospital. During one of my hospital visits, I watched in silent wonder as Macy played “doctor” with her stuffed animals and her mother. She was checking for fever, among other things. As she played…… Continue reading When the Patient Becomes the Doctor