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A Beautiful Distraction

Ordinarily–I try to sit close to the front to optimize my attention and minimize my distraction. On occasion-due to tardiness, or a full house-I don’t have the benefit of sitting close. This past weekend, as I climbed the steps of the bleachers, I just knew I would miss the message because I’d be “busy” watching pedestrians en route to the bathroom…or…… Continue reading A Beautiful Distraction

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Mentality of More

Maybe it is familiar to you… Maybe it haunts you at the grocery store, when you park your car… Maybe it confronts you as you scroll through social media, or when you look at your bank statement…   The nagging thought that you just don’t have enough: friends, money, job opportunities, space in your house,…… Continue reading Mentality of More

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Five Minute Friday::Nothing

In the quiet place I recognize my empty hands…my weary heart…my dried up spirit. On my own, separate from the Lord, I have nothing. He substantiates me, redeems me, fills me, graces me and wildly loves me. My independent, stubborn heart likes to believe I have all I need–moreover, that I am all I need.…… Continue reading Five Minute Friday::Nothing

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Not Your True Enemy

Her barking is not uncommon, in fact, it’s her initial instinct in every situation. This morning wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I sat at the table enjoying my tea and reading…and she went outside and began barking. Something told me this wasn’t her ordinary exchange with the pesky squirrels, or random cat in our…… Continue reading Not Your True Enemy

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What’s Stuck In Your Shoe?

The question was light-yet poignant. Our speaker, a dear mentor and friend, asked this question as she held up an adorable pair of cow house shoes. She went on to explain that the night before she put them on for the first time. One slipper felt great…but the other, huh. She couldn’t comfortably get her…… Continue reading What’s Stuck In Your Shoe?

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Sifting Through the Rubble

rubble: waste or rough fragments of stone, brick, concrete, etc., esp. as the debris from the demolition of buildings. Broken bits and pieces of anything, as that which is demolished. Whether from a natural disaster or an accident, it makes no difference. Owners return to the site of the disaster and search for anything of…… Continue reading Sifting Through the Rubble

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Umerited Favor

  My first vivid memory of selfish behavior was in first grade. The classroom was dark-we were supposed to be outside playing. I crept into the room and went straight for my teacher’s desk. There I found the small box containing paper boy and girl cut outs. I quickly shuffled the cut outs around until…… Continue reading Umerited Favor

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Close Enough to Ask

With great expectation he asked and believed that his mother was listening. When we arrived at his birthday party, he enthusiastically pointed out one package and told me he knew what it was. “How?” I asked him.  His response was simple…“Because I showed my mom what I wanted and it was this shape!” His words…… Continue reading Close Enough to Ask

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Wake Up Call to Love

The alarm had been set, but what woke me were his panicked words… “Alyssa, it’s 6:00am.  You’re late.” I loathe mornings. Really. My body requires extra time to “warm up”, and my enthusiasm hibernates until sometime after 10am. I was scheduled to meet a friend at 6:15 that morning.  There was no way I could look presentable, grab…… Continue reading Wake Up Call to Love