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Five Minute Friday::Nothing

In the quiet place I recognize my empty hands…my weary heart…my dried up spirit. On my own, separate from the Lord, I have nothing. He substantiates me, redeems me, fills me, graces me and wildly loves me.

My independent, stubborn heart likes to believe I have all I need–moreover, that I am all I need. It’s not true, but I have to posture myself in humility–acknowledging the “nothing“–surrendering to the One that created EVERYTHING–before I am filled up again.

It annoys me that I often get to where I have “nothing” left before surrendering. I don’t want to be on the never-ending proverbial field trip of self-sufficiency detoxing. But, even as I show up-again and again-bringing “nothing” but sincere apologies–I am met with mercy, love and grace.

With “nothing” to offer but surrender, Jesus reaches for me. He fills my hands with hope, my heart with joy and my spirit with compassion. There’s “nothing” sweeter than the exchange of empty for His abundant love!


Linking up today for 5 minute Friday

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday::Nothing

  1. Beautiful, Alyssa. I, too, tend to get to where I have nothing before I come to Jesus in humility and surrender. Take heart, you are not alone. 🙂 I love that He’s patient with us as we learn to walk closer to Him. Have a wonderful weekend!

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