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Mentality of More

Maybe it is familiar to you…

Maybe it haunts you at the grocery store, when you park your car…

Maybe it confronts you as you scroll through social media, or when you look at your bank statement…


The nagging thought that you just don’t have enough: friends, money, job opportunities, space in your house, or rows in your car. In spite of what you DO have, you just know you’ll be happy with a little bit more. My husband refers to this as the “buffet mentality”—it’s available, so why not go ahead and get more…even if your stomach (or credit) is maxed out. The mentality of more focuses on what we don’t have.


Make no mistake-I’m preaching to myself here. As I sat and finished my bible reading today, I heard my voice offer this prayer—“Who am I, Lord? I am not a writer, because you haven’t given me many words to say. I think I’m a teacher, but I am without an assignment. Help me seek you and be content in your presence. Give me the strength to enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow.”


The other day, as I was flipping through one of the social media sites, a deep tugging came over my heart. Without warning, I didn’t feel important enough; well liked enough–valued enough…what I didn’t have seemed augmented in my mind. In that moment, after a few thoughts about breaking up with all social media, I realized the mentality of more had robbed me of the joy of my daily provision.


Reading through the book of  Ezekiel, one line kept repeating, and I felt like it was speaking to the mentality of  more. “Then they will know that I am the LORD.” The rhythm of the book is that people groups drifted away from being devoted to the Lord, grew proud or arrogant in their own accomplishments, and then ultimately were positioned for destruction. After the threat of destruction, the words “Then they will know…” are recorded. Again and again.


It’s embarrassing to admit this, but in this rhythm I felt like my heart was being confronted. What things caused me to drift away from the Lord? What accomplishment was elevated above God? What had I “done” that seemed so wonderful? I say with my lips that I want to know God, but am I too caught up in the mentality of more? Am I missing the very things I cry out for because I won’t let the provision of today be ENOUGH?


I don’t need more square footage. I don’t need another pair of designer jeans. I don’t need my name on a marquis. A larger TV, or a crazy expensive handbag won’t fill the longing in my heart. More is a lie and I’m tired of running on its hamster wheel! What I need is thanksgiving-which focuses on what I do have. More moves my attention to tomorrow, while thanksgiving keeps my heart and mind rooted in the blessings of today.


I have a God that has redeemed my rebellious heart and life. He not only redeemed my life that was set for destruction, He invited me to get to know Him, personally.

I have a husband that loves me more than I understand.

I have children that reflect God’s love so well.

I have a home, a car…you get the idea.


Today I’m pausing long enough to say that it’s all ENOUGH. I’m convinced it’s here—in this place–that I will gain a little more understanding that He is the Lord.


May my heart be full of hope, my lips full of gratitude, my mind guarded against the mentality of more, and my heart set on things above. I hope the same for you!


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It’s your turn to share…What do you do to combat the mentality of more?



8 thoughts on “Mentality of More

  1. A long hike in the beauty of His creation almost always gets me out of the comparison trap. Each bird tweeting, every butterfly that passes by, the trees that have been on this earth for centuries, are the poetry in his long love letter to me. My earthly worries fade away and I feel so rich amongst the beauty that human hands could never come close to emulating. I hear His voice so clearly and I know that I am loved. Wonderful post, my friend.

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  2. I get what you are saying…completely get what you are saying! I feel for me it is in this dry ground of a time, in between the roles of the past and future roles which are not yet assigned, I flounder in the mire of me not being enough. I want more to fill the space, but am realizing what I have is enough. Whether I minister to one or one thousand, I am completely fulfilled. Hubby and I walked around the Pearl today and just enjoyed each other’s company and daydreamed together (while sweating profusely). And I realized these are the moments which I am most content and carefree. I am tired of wanting more. I think we should have a more “burning” party and invite us all to rid ourselves of this …

    Rambling…yes, I know 🙂

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  3. I think my “more” comes not in anything material but in wanting more free time. I will be at the lake floating on a raft watching the peaceful play of Luke and will be thinking “oh this is going to end” or “why do I have to work”. So I ruin my own special moments through discontentment. God gives me these peaks into heaven and all I want is more of it instead of appreciating the blessing. Today I pray that what I am given is always enough!

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  4. Alyssa–this reminds me of the words I have framed in my kitchen, “He is MORE than enough.” I’m reminded of the Scripture, “All my springs of joy are found in you.”
    Thank you for sharing this word today.

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