After much reflection regarding the mentality of more, and my default tendency to restlessness, I remembered a song written by a sweet friend-and wanted to share it with you.


It’s rushing and it’s raging and the noise pounds in my ear

The world is spinning faster as the days turn into years

When I take the time to listen in the quiet of the night

I can hear the song you’re singing and it fills my soul with light




In the quiet hear me whisper you are mine and you are loved

Be still

And know

When your world is spinning I am still the one who’s in control

Be still


Ever weary ever burdened ever dead on my feet

How much better to be near you and alive upon my knees

Gracious Father calm my spirit as you meet my every need

Loving Shepherd you are gentle and your voice is calling me

(Lyrics by Sarah Shrode)


I first heard this song at the end of a wonderful 3-day retreat. The entire room was in a quiet, reflective posture as Sarah sang the newly penned lyrics. As the words “peace” and “enough” washed over me, my spirit softened. I was confronted by my need for the One that created me, the One that loves me, the One that calls me by name to “fire” me…to say “enough is enough” and “be still.”

Stillness. I hope that posture finds you and me today. I hope in that place we don’t reach for noisy things, empty things, or things that block out the quiet whispers our spirits are desperate to receive. Be encouraged, friend!

Be Still

(photo credit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/kayleeshope)

4 thoughts on “Enough

  1. A-
    I’m on vacation to the “happiest place on earth” as I read this post today and appreciate the message, lyrics and scripture reference. I needed those words this morning. I love you, sis!
    Thank you for your passionate love for the Lord and encouragement to others.
    Miss you-😘

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  2. I have been stuck on that verse for a little over a week now. So I find myself most grateful to have visited here from Lyli’s introduction today 🙂 To be still –> not to grab for anything which would block out His whisper. Powerful thought for me to ponder today. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Joanne! Thanks for visiting, and sharing a comment. You’ve blessed me today and reminded me that being still is not just a struggle for me, but probably a struggle for most of us walking out faith. 🙂


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