Fun Fact Friday: A Few Favorites

Favorite Things Gone By

When I was still teaching elementary school, room moms always asked the teachers to provide a list of their favorite things. Man–I sure loved getting an unexpected vanilla coke with perfect ice for crunching. What a treat when someone goes out of their way to love on you with something they know you will love.

My favorite things have changed over the years, and some things I used to love are repulsive to me now. When I was pregnant with one of my kiddos, I fell head over heels in love with tacos from a fast-food joint that was known for burgers–not tacos. The thought of eating one of those now makes me squirm.

What is one thing you used to love that you no longer do?

Here’s the truth about me. When I love something, I am all in. Full stop.

It also goes without saying that the opposite of that statement is also true. When I am done, I am done.

That cupcake I used to crave from that darling bakery in San Antonio–well, the thought never even crosses my mind. My all in or all out behaviors go beyond food. When I feel, I feel big. I am devoted until the moment I am not.

Current Favorite Things

Favorite Band: NeedtoBreathe. If you are not familiar with their work, please add them to your playlist. You will thank me.

Favorite Song: This is unanswerable, but let me tell you a funny story. When John and I first started dating, he tried to remember my favorite song. After hearing me say this is my favorite song to nearly every song, he gave up that fight. I love so many genres of music, so I do have several favorites. If I have to narrow it down to one, I would say my current favorite song is…oh, I can’t say. Here’s one on the top of the list though.

Favorite Dish to Bring to a Gathering: Deviled eggs. These have become somewhat expected in some of our circles. And I should clarify that I make my eggs with mayo–not vinegar because that is not okay in my mouth!!

Favorite Tea: London Fog, Chai with Almond Milk, or English Breakfast with sugar and milk! I can drink hot tea all dang long no matter the season.

Favorite Holiday: Christmas–hands down. I love being with my people, and now that our family is growing, I especially love creating new memories. Here’s a little throwback Christmas photo.

Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrews 10:23 became my lifeline in a difficult season in my early adult life. The word unswervingly resonated somewhere in the secret place, so I held on to hope like my life depended on it. Turns out, it did. Fun fact–the name of my blog used to be unswervingly!

Favorite Pastime: Reading. Well, to be honest, if I have the choice of going on an adventure with my family, I would choose that first. So maybe reading is my second favorite pastime!

Favorite Book: New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp [nonfiction], To Kill a Mockingbird [fiction]

Favorite Snack: Queso is king [all day–every day]!

It’s Your Turn

What are your past or current go-to favorite things? Are you an all-in kind of person? Share your response in the comments. I would love to learn a fun fact about you!

Happy Friday,

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