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Sowkind One-Day Retreat

What’s New for Sowkind?

Most of you know that I started Sowkind as a hashtag movement back in 2018. The mission was simple, and I never imagined transitioning to an official nonprofit, but that is exactly what happened in August of 2021. Since then, we have had the privilege of expanding the original vision by hosting Growth Workshops, Pop Up community experiences, and Kindness Awards. It has been an incredible experience.

We are excited to now add a One-Day Retreat to our nonprofit offerings. We will gather in a beautiful location to drink in the kindness born in connection with others and disconnection with the demands of daily life. We invite you to consider joining us for this opportunity, but if you cannot join us, we invite you to pray for the impact of this retreat.

Sowkind One-Day Retreat Registration Details

The Sowkind One-Day Retreat offers participants a day to be restored in body, mind, and spirit through main session speakers and restorative breakout sessions. We believe that kindness turned inward leads to inner work and revives kindness expressed outward. The One-Day Retreat offers a safe space for participants to slow down, take inventory, and refuel for the journey.

Main session speakers: Josie Barone, Sowkind Co-founder and Alyssa DeLosSantos, Sowkind Founder

Restorative Breakout Sessions: Holy Yoga led by Kate Warren, Life Coaching led by Trish Stanton, Reflective Worship led by Amy Moreland, Art led by Riki Yarbrough, and Guided Meditation and Prayer Walk led by Melinda Mattson

Hidden Wholeness: A Journey to Inhale Kindness to Exhale the Same
October 15, 2022
Spring Branch, TX
Cost: $3

Put on your comfy clothes and join us at Ruah Ranch in Spring Branch, Texas. Come ready to refuel, reengage, and leave restored.

How to Register

Our desire is to keep the Sowkind One-Day Retreat small, so we have limited the registration to 30. Registration opened on Friday, September 9th, and it will close on October 12th or when we reach capacity. Be sure to use this link to complete your registration early.

It’s going to be GOOD!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I love to talk about Sowkind!

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