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Long Game Strategy: Hold on to Hope

This has been a full year in our family. We have two college graduates with real jobs [GLORY], we gained a son-in-love [not pictured], we will have another licensed driver shortly, and we have a wedding next week to make our daughter-in-love official.

Underneath all the celebration is a deep gratitude. We have walked through the valley of the shadow of death over the years. We have experienced inarticulate sorrows and setbacks. We have stopped and restarted many times. We have shouldered the weight of deep discouragement.

When we build our lives on the firm foundation of Christ, we can endure the trials because we know that there is a greater purpose. That is the long game–so to speak. He is our hope in the storm.

Do I love obstacles? No. Do I desire hardship? Not really. But I know they are a guarantee in this life. So is God’s presence.

If you find yourself in the middle of a storm, hold on. It will come to an end. If you find yourself in a season of abundance, share your story with others. Someone needs to hear your testimony to revive hope that has gone dormant. If you are in a season of waiting, be expectant. The God of miracles is on your side.

Hold on to hope today!

Alyssa DeLosSantos Speaker and Writer

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