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The Impact of Perspective

The experiences in our lives–both good and bad–serve as mile markers along our journey–they are not THE destination, but they point us toward our destination.

Our successes and abilities are not the sum of our hope, identity, or purpose. If we make any of these mile marker experiences our final destination, our identity is negotiated.

Proximity impacts perspective. Whatever I am closest to becomes the filter I see life through.

If I am close to an offense from a mile marker experience, I can easily become the offense. The offense is so large that everything else shrinks in size and value. Have you ever been around someone who has taken on a mile marker experience as their identity?

It’s hard to let something new rise out of what’s so familiar, but I encourage you to keep going. Don’t let one difficult experience become your identity.

Perspective is impacted by proximity. If my eyes are on Christ, his love and mercy becomes the filter I use along the journey. Does the hurt go away? NO. However, my filter is peace-FULL and hope filled.

Let your experiences be mile markers, not your final destination–one step at a time.

In this with you,

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