Encouragement · Hope


I have had so many false starts in life.

I have crawled when I wish I would have sprinted.

I have thrown in the towel when I wish I would have persisted.

I have compromised when I wish I would have held my position.

I have cheated when I wish I would have worked hard.

I have been ugly when I wish I would have chosen kindness.

I have done wrong.

I have been wrong.

I have regrets.

In spite of it all, I have not been disqualified.

I have been given second-chances.

I have lived grace.

The faces in this photo inspire me, sharpen me, and call me back into my purpose again and again.

Things feel indescribably confusing these days, but one thing remains unwavering.

Love covers a multitude of wrongs.

It isn’t left or right, white or black, you or me.

Love transcended all our man-made barriers.

Love left heaven to rescue the hurting, lost, and weary. If you do not recognize your face among the needy, look closer.

There’s a space for you because the breath in your lungs qualifies you to be among the “so loved” that Love came to rescue.

Rescued by Love quote from Alyssa DeLosSantos




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